Pest control in Yuma, AZ

Ron Martin opened Ram Pest Management in Yuma, Arizona in 2011. RAM Pest is 100% locally owned and operated. RAM Pest Management has over 100 years of combined industry experience in pest control with a strong community commitment to quality customer service.
It's all about your home or business
We service a variety of structures that includes residential homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, park models, manufactured homes, casinos, hotels, retirement homes, hospitals, schools, daycare facilities, offices and even treehouses.
Bugs and more
We specialize in bed bugs, scorpions, spiders, rodents, bees, ticks, termites, flying insects, pigeon control and much more.
Pest Control Service - Pest Control in Yuma, AZ
Ron Martin - Owner
Is a long time resident and businessman of Yuma. Ron is highly respected in the Yuma community, both as a long time resident and businessman. He has owned and operated numerous successful companies and served on various local boards. Ron has made huge contributions to the success and development of the Yuma Community.
Jesse Cockrell - Branch Manager
As our branch manager and qualifying party, Jesse is RAM Pest's "go to" person. He is a solid professional and always willing to help, the staff appreciate his knowledge and commitment. He always wear many hats throughout the day as a true leader.
David Guevara - Service Manager
As Service Manager, David takes care of the technicians, ensuring they have what is needed to meet and exceed customers expectations. Its imperative to maintain harmony in the work environment and customer relations in order to succeed.
Paula Martin- Paula is the main termite inspector with RAM Pest. Whether you just need a basic inspection or a wood report (WDIIR) she can take care of you. She works with realtors, home inspectors, and home owners. Her goal is to give you an accurate detailed inspection. She will even send reports same day. If you need a termite inspection Paula is the inspector for you.
Gladys Loyola - Office Manager
Even though she works behind the scenes she is an integral part in the daily operations of RAM Pest. As office Manager she keeps everyone on their toes and keeps the administrative side running smoothly.
There are too many members of RAM family to name them all. We are confident that the entire RAM team will do their very best to provide exceptional customer service to our community.