Termite control services in Yuma, AZ



All of Ram Pest Management termite technicians have state issued termite application licenses. You will never have a non licensed technician preform your treatment. Each treatment will very depending on where termites are located. This is why an inspection is so important. We need to be able to proscribe the right treatment for you.All our technicians have been trained to perform the best treatment in the least evasive way. RAM Pest always strives to give quality service the customer will be happy with.


Concerned about termites?
Our termite inspectors are licensed and certified to your home for termite activity. Our inspectors are trained in the knowledge of products and treatment methods. If termites are found they are ready to give you options to help solve your termite problem.
Buying a home? Selling a Home? Realtor?
During the sell of most homes a wood report is needed. (WDIIR / wood destroying insect inspection report)
Call RAM Pest Management at 928-782-0078 today and let one of our licensed inspectors handle this for you.

Inspections within 24hrs

Same day WDIIR reports
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